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(No matter which part of Gujarat you belong)

OUR AIMS AND OBJECTIVES (for one and all)

BALL-BL5.GIF (1007 bytes)Integrate various sections & subsections of brahmins into one
    "Brahman Samaj" which works tirelessly to serve humanity to
     its best

BALL-BL5.GIF (1007 bytes)Upgradation of social, cultural and spiritual activities, alongwith
     education and development of children (mental and physical)

BALL-BL5.GIF (1007 bytes)Offer every possible legal medical & social help

BALL-BL5.GIF (1007 bytes)Organise various conventions, exhibitions to foster solidarity and brotherhood (co-operative housing,
   co-operative consumer store & credit society)

BALL-BL5.GIF (1007 bytes)Publish a "News bulletin" for better communication with an ultimate aim to build strong and
    harmonious "Brahman Samaj" which will be the only of its kind.

The future present and the proposed activities would encompass :

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)Conduct social, cultural, religious, medical activities on regular basis at samaj community hall.

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)Build an "Air-conditioned hall" to hold various lecture & seminar services to augment the

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)Have a small yet decent guest house to welcome saints, religious leaders and personsof rare

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)Equip samaj with facilities like homeopathy centre, pathological laboratory, physiotherapy,
   dietary counselling and dental care centre, alongwith round the clock "oxygen cylinder" centre
   for any human being.

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)Conduct computer education classes, vocational guidance centre, a free library & reading hall.

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)To achieve social goals, establish a consumer society, co-operative bank, employment exchange
    classes for various fine arts & Ladies wing along with a centre for children & youth.

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)Samaj has still many more such schemes for brighter tomorrow for everyone.

BALL-GLD.GIF (1007 bytes)Equip "Samaj Bhavan" with all modern facilities for social functions.


To achieve and accommodate all such activities samaj needs a much bigger "SAMAJ BHAVAN" (Bldg), a difficult yet achievable goal which would help every brahmin & all well-wishers of "Brahman Samaj".

Friends we are already on the job, the samaj has laid the foundation of the new six storeyed building. His Holiness SWAMI SATYA MITRANANDJI (OF BHARAT MATA MANDIR HARIDWAR & an ex Shankaracharya) laid the foundation stone.

The estimated cost of this mega project would be around rupees ONE CRORE. We are indeed happy and proud to tell you that we are already halfway near to our goal. 50% is yet to be achieved, with your kind and generous help. We are sure you are joining us and contribute too.

Your cheques should be favouring "SHRI GHATKOPAR BRAHMAN SAMAJ". All such contributions are exempted from income tax under IT-U/S Sect/80 G

Extending & awaiting your warm and prompt support

Shashikant. K. Sompura (Raval)


           Could you please communicate to us your personal and/or organisational E-mail addresses

Contact us on our E-mail : Jyotindrabhai Dave - Trustee.


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